Chiropractic and Myotherapy products

Available at Sante Chiropractic clinic in Blackburn

If you need any products to support your chiropractic or myotherapy care we stock a full range at Sante Chiropractic Clinic. We can recommend the right products for you.


Chiropractic pillows are designed to help people suffering from neck and shoulder pain caused while sleeping. The specially designed pillows offer a support for the natural contours of your neck and are made from materials that provide greater support than the traditional designed pillows.

Joint supports

We provide a range of supports for your joints and back including foam back supports while sleeping and lumbar supports for driving or when seated for long periods of time.

Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements are recommended based on the specific advice or your practitioner. We have a range of supplements that may help with a variety of conditions.

Heat and ice packs

These are vital for acute injuries and inflammation. Our packs can be either kept in a freezer as an ice pack or heated for a heat pack.

Posture poles

Posture poles are a brilliant aid that may help with posture to counter slouching and slumping. They work in harmony with professional care and provide an effective body awareness exercise to achieve a more relaxed and upright position.

For further information on our Blackburn chiropractic or myotherapy services call us at Sante Chiropractic or fill out our booking enquiry form.