Chiropractor and Myotherapist services in Blackburn

At Sante Chiropractic we pride ourselves on providing high quality health services to our clients throughout Blackburn so your family is fully catered for their health needs. Our qualified practitioners will ensure you receive helpful, friendly and professional care for your particular health needs.

Our main areas of service are Chiropractic and Myotherapy.

Please contact us for an appointment if you need care for you or your family


At Sante Chiropractics our qualified Chiropractors provide natural health care options that may relieve a spectrum of health care issues. Patients may present with: back pain sporting injuries disc injuries shoulder problems neck pain knee injuries headaches and migraines jaw problems. There are many reasons to choose a Chiropractor for your health care. They include...
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Myotherapy uses a combination of techniques that may help with muscular pain. At Sante Chiropractic our Myotherapist will assess your complaint first and then work on rehabilitating your body to prevent the condition reoccurring. Patients that benefit from Myotherapy may be those who experience headaches, repetitive strain injuries, frozen shoulder, sprained ankle, shin splints, numbness...
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